Michael Zamora

Programmer, Front-end Developer,
Mobile Developer & Graphic Designer


What I am all about.

Technologist, Mobile Development, Graphic Designer, and Web Development experience with over two years of proven combined experience at SunWest Credit Union and Colorado State University. Accomplished measurable results while collaborating with teams in both a web design and mobile application development environment.

Front/Back End Developer and Mobile Developer with SunWest Credit Union. Designing and implementing applications and websites to be used in a professional environment. Data Analysis with software to facilitate the adaptation of future decisions.

JavaScript VueJS
Android (Java) Apple (Objective C)
Java C++
Python Ruby
Git Version Control



Identify needs of the organization and design solutions using languages such as mySQL, Java, and HTML/CSS.

Mobile Development

Design and maintain company Android and Apple phone applications using Java and Objective C respectively.


Create proofs of future designs in Adobe Photoshop to streamline productivity. As well as assets to be used for marketing or my own personal projects.


Design full fledged web pages and web apps for Colorado State University Pueblo staff and faculty using HTML/CSS and Javascript.


Head a redesign of both Android and Apple mobile applications in order to improve accessibility and functionality.


Created programs and games using object oriented languages, such as, Java and C++


Professional projects I have worked on.

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Michael Zamora Portfolio

Clean & Minimalistic Design

This site designed and built using HTML/CSS and Javascript.
Files and code is version controlled using git and github.

When new updates are made to this site a jenkins server will build the production files using Gulp and deploy the files to an Apache Web server.

Project Leader: Michael Z.

Designer: Michael Z.

Developer: Michael Z.

Customer: MZ Productions LLC

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Alpha Quest

Everything has to start somewhere.

Alpha Quest, still in early development stages, is an open source game that was originally a school group project.

A simple platformer developed with Java. No external libraries were used to produce this project.

Since Alpha Quest’s inception in late 2017, it has gone on to be used to show students new to programming the immense possibilities of the medium.

Project Leader: Michael Z.

Designers: David Lichliter
and Michael Z.

Developers: Brandon Carlson
and Michael Z.

Customer: N/A

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Using Social Media in a new way.

Sentiment was developed with VueJS, and supporting dependencies, to analyze social media posts for positive or negative sentimentality.

By searching for a keyword, marketers can view public feelings towards a product release or a PR scandal.

Sentiment was selected as a top three finalist submission and is TBA for its final position in the competition.

Project Leader: Alex Marck

Designer: Alex Marck, Michael Z.

Developer: Alex Marck

Customer: KC Federal Reserve

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SunWest Mobile

New look same great app.

The SunWest Mobile Banking App for Android and Apple phone recently underwent a full-scale UI redesign in order to connect better with more modern standards.

The SunWest Mobile Banking App for Android and Apple was developed using native code in both mobile environments. Java and Objective C respectively.

Project Leader: Michael Z.

Designer: Michael Z.

Developer: Michael Z.

Customer: SunWest ECU